People with their heads buried in their phones
People with headphones or earbuds on
The rockstar that's always too good for anyone

Reasons for being Undateable

How many of these reasons have you used recently, and are they really just excuses?

Is This Thing On?

#1: I keep getting rejected

Rejection is really at the core of all reasons. But remember, rejectionn is often times a FAVOR! You are great for SOME people, but TERRIBLE for many! Better to weed them out. "I haven't failed, I've only found 1,000 ways that won't work" - Thomas Edison. Edison had two things that made him successful: PERSEVERANCE and a positive ATTITUDE TOWARDS FAILURE.

#1: My hair isn't good enough

#2: Nobody is good enough for me

#3: I am a workaholic

#4: There aren't enough people where I live

I travel or relocate too often

My hearing is poor

People always have their headphones in

People don't go out anymore

Single people my age don't go to bars or clubs

#97: I'm too fat

#98: I'm too lazy

#99: I have no self-discipline or self-control

#100: I have kids

Reason we waited until #100 for this one is - you're right. This one is tough. Your options are limited. You need to listen to ALL the other reasons and then EVEN MORE be accommodating, forgiving, patient. Etc.

I'm too stubborn

I don't dress well enough

Nobody likes me

I'm too nervous to approach

I can't be myself on dates

Get over this one - turn and burn. Get over the "can't approach" syndrome and then just throw yourself at people to generate buzz, but then BE YOURSELF when you do! Let 100 people not go on dates with you just to find someone you vibe with. It's much worse to try to go on 100 dates where they will ultimately not like you for yourself. That lost time is worth a lot more than the couple failed dates. Remember - often times rejection is a FAVOR! "I haven't failed, I've only found 1,000 ways that won't work" - Edison

I'm divorced

I'm married

I'm too old

I get spontaneous nosebleeds

I'm a pushover and let people walk all over me

I'm too nice, polite or respectful

I am a horrible procrastinator

I have bad eyesight

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Everybody thinks I'm a stalker

Everybody thinks I'm crazy

It never works out in the end

I seem invisible

I have medical problems

I have a sexually transmitted disease

I don't work out

I'm not good at sex

I don't like to talk in bed

I don't make enough money

I don't have a nice enough car

I don't have a nice enough home

I have psychological issues

I have family court issues

#42: I don't get any matches on dating apps

I am not as cool as other people

I have an eating disorder

I am addicted to social media

I like to punish my prospects

I am too demanding

I am worth more

There are no good places to meet people

Lyrics of songs that capture the idea of being unateable well:
10,000 Maniacs - "The man in 119 takes his tea all alone"

Green Day "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"

Note: NOT about being broken-hearted. About being NOT WANTED in the FIRST place!

Huey Lewis & The News ?!? - Walking on a thin line about Vietnam vet with PTSD

Morrisey - The more you ignore me, the closer I get - you're wasting your time


The artist - alone in his lab or studio inventing, locked away from the world. "The man in 119 takes his tea all alone"


The Rockstar (aka The Fergie) - Too pretty, too perfect, too refined, too hot, too much a princess, not necessarily "too good for someone" but too good for any one person for very long.

The party animal - too busy partying to even consider dating, and if she does she forgets just as fast

The Brooder

The Nerd - talk nerdy to me

I'm too sexy - just so hot that she wouldn't consider

The Perfect - Overacheiver, multitasker, juggler - can't find an open slot to fit someone intot heir word. "You can only do two things" <