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Put yourself out there! Tell the world why you think you're so undateable and watch how many people text you back. Sure, some people are jerks and people say you should never read comments from the idiots on the Internet.

But you might be surprised to see how many nice people are out there too - you might get some genuine compliments or advice on how to improve your chances, or maybe even some invitations to go out on a date despite your flaws.

How long are you going to keep swiping dating apps only to get few matches and nothing good? Try being the "most undateable" in your city and blow up your phone with new action!
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Fair warning, you are going to receive a LOT of messages!

Not for the easily-offended! It can be difficult to read nasty comments and criticism from ignorant people on the Internet. But it's nice when genuine people send positive comments, and there is no obligaton to reply to anyone if you don't want to. All initial contact is done through the site and none of your contact info is shared unless you choose to do it yourself.

You can choose to receive your messages by email or other means too, and if listening to total strangers commenting on your post is more than you can take you can turn off your listing and stop the communications at any time.

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Give it a shot! You can contact anyone you want, no signups and no payment required. When you send someone a message they will get an email or text alert. They can also read your message for free. Be nice, and maybe they will reply to you!

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