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Are modern men walking away from dating?
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Ella Harlow
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Answered Feb 15
As a woman, I am hardly one to talk, but I listen, and am a very observant person, and I have heard quite a few men in life complain about modern dating. This is what I hear:

Modern Online Dating is a Sick Joke - Ask many a man about their online dating experience and for the majority it’s nothing good. Online dating has left a sour taste in the mouths of many men, and it’s pretty much all due to the ridiculous pickiness and expectations of women. Studies have been done about this and the studies are shocking. I have written a few answers about this in partial matter of fact defense for men, and it’s all awfully true. Women on average get 20 times more likes than men, thus, are far more choosy, not to mention the whole “I’m a special premadonna, sweep me off my feet with your special word play in chat”, etc, etc. The average man can write full essays about the bs that online dating has become. All about the picture, not about the person.
Unrealistic Expectations - Society is partially to blame for this, but many women have unrealistic expectations. They demand a man to look a certain way, make a certain amount of money, and practically be the “man of their dreams”. Many women have this fantasy about how love should be, or, are looking for love in all the wrong places. There is also the odd phenomena of…
Head Games and WTF Dating - Many women are also notorious for playing head games and being a part of WTF dating. Just what is WTF dating you ask? Women dating the dumbest of guys to where a decent guy asks “wtf are you dating him for”? A woman will be like “I want a guy whose well to do, has a steady full time job, and we can travel”, but then date a deadbeat with a shit job and no life goals or ambition, and can’t afford to take her traveling. Why? Because he’s hot or whatever. As a woman myself, I’ve seen so, so, sooo, many other young women date the dopiest, jerkiest, asshole pos’s, it blows my mind. Like truly. It’s crazy the trash many women willingly date.
Due to such reasons listed above, many men are sick of trying. They’re sick of going out and wasting their money looking for simply a decent girl…


Seriously. Many women have this bs idea that men are only looking for the most gorgeous of women. Not true. The vast majority of men are more than happy with an average looking girl. They’re not near as picky as many women like to think.

They’re sick of the modern online dating game and the nonsensical bullshit that it often is… though of course there are the exceptions (que person in comments “I’ve always had great success with online dating so blah de blah blah”)

They’re sick the unrealistic expectations, and even if they meet a girl, they have their first rough patch and instead of being adults and talking things out, they break it off and move on.

Men and Women alike treat dating like a game, but definitely women.

Why? Because we are the fairer sex and thus desirable to the vast majority of men. We are the “ladies in waiting”. We sit back and wait, wanting the best of men to approach us, and make the right move. We “reserve” the right to be picky, because after all, there are probably over 50 men or more that wouldn’t mind going out with us. On online dating we get several likes a day.

Men don’t have that “luxury”. The average man will be lucky to get a single like in a week of online dating, and have the added pressure of approaching a woman asking her out. Men have the pressure of “performing” amazingly in bed. Men have the pressure of being considered well to do, etc, etc. Men run into the problem of seeing women date trash over and over again, and then wonder “why”.

The problems just stack up and some men just don’t see the point of putting in the effort anymore. There’s plenty of guys out there who are technically doing “all the right things” and yet remain single, while they see the shittiest of guys get lucky. That odd phenomena is enough to piss just about any man off of course, and most women are 100% totally oblivious to this fact.

I'm just saying...


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