The Danny Huff

An und8able blog post by Sue Frohman on Apr 16th, 2024

Is it any wonder some guys don't get any dates? Then again, maybe Danny's out there doing just fine with his approach while I'm the one sitting here writing a blog about it!

The first five things I saw on this chat session were establishing identity, and there was actually about 16 hours between some of the messages. That's a pretty flavorless intro, wouldn't you say? Keep in mind that women are getting hit incessantly on Facebook, so if this is your idea of standing out you need to come up with something better than drilling her on your name.

Sometimes I think guys assume that just being present is enough to win. I often wonder if this works for them, but it seems awfully lazy to me. Instead of putting effort into the conversation you just exchange names and locations like a prisoner exchange? Kind of a dry start if you ask me.

I'm just saying...

These tone-deaf approaches just seem to be a sign that you have no empathy or that you have no ability to perceive how you come across to others. Don't build the red flags right into your first approach, show some effort or creativity and give someone something interesting to riff on in order to get the conversation going!

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