The Wine Cellar Effect

An und8able blog post by Sue Frohman on Mar 8th, 2202

Ghosting is Here to Stay

Ghosting - a product of electronic dating

The term "Wine Celler Effect" was coined by the website to describe the ability for people to add dating prospects to an inventory and have them aging over time to see which ones mature and which ones become disposible.

I'm just saying...

Whether it was the telephone, television or Internet, technology has made our interpersonal communications looser and more transient than before. People are spending less time enriching individual relationships and spreading their time across more people, with less time for each. Web dating takes this to an extreme where the next dating prospect might come as quickly as you can swipe. It is uncomfortable to tell people you aren't interested enough to stay engaged, but you're not sure you want to sever ties, so you just keep them incubating in a suspended state indefinitely. If your tastes change and you're in the mood for a Shiraz, then go grab one!

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