The Danny Huff

Is it any wonder some guys don't get any dates? Then again, maybe Danny's out there doing just fine with his approach while I'm the one sitting here writing a blog about it!

Extremist Jello Brain

It's amazing how extremist views (in either direction) can turn people into mindless zombies. It's like watching someone you knew fairly well have their brain turn to Jello over the years! Keep in mind I hadn't talked to this person in many years, and she was never such an extremist back then. This was the first thing she contacted me with in about a decade, totally unsolicited, and she just jumped right in with harsh photos and slander of what she referred to as "True Ukraine" straight out of the gate!!

Quora Article

Following from Quora:

The Wine Cellar Effect

Ghosting is Here to Stay Ghosting - a product of electronic dating

Five Possible Reasons Why You're Undateable

According to here are five possible reasons why you are und=ateable


THIS IS the SHIT! Read this!!!!

Dating Bullshit BLOG SECTION

You wait four days for a message back and you're holding you phone in your hand when they reply... you respond INSTANTLY and then it's another four days before they reply again.

Episode 0001: Are You Undateable?

Abe introduces himself and gives a general overview of what we hope The Undateable Podcast will achieve. We explore what it means to be undateable and the various definitions of such, and what people can potentially do about it.

Episode 0002: Henry Ford's Dating Advice

Whether you believe you can, or you believe you can't... You're right!

Episode 0003: Date Three Expectations

Keep int general

Episode 0004: Red Flag Party

Nutbag could not have thrown more red flags. I didn't evene know what they were at the time

Episode 0005: Social Media is NOT Your Friend

Epidose 0006: The Numbers Game

Are you a ten? What is average? Does anyone ever think they are a two? Is it rude to rate people with numbers? Should we have two numbers, one for your superficial first-glance and another for your intrinsic value as a person?

Episode 0007: Swiping Up

Does everyone swipe out of their league? How do you know? What is the point if you're only going to swipe on people that don't reciprocate? Aren't we wasting our time? What about the opportunity cost of swiping at home with no results, and no longer meeting people in real life?

Episode 0008: Women Date Up, Men Date Down

Women date with a "what can I get" mindset while men date with a "how much do I have to give up" mentality

Episode 0009: Why is Equality so Ridiculous?

When are we ever going to get to a shared understanding of what it means to be equal partners in a relationship without taking it so literally? Nobody believes in literal equality yet we continue to beat our potential mates over the head with these ideals, only sabotaging our own happiness!

Episode 0010: The Matrix? Or just the dumbing-down of society...

Matrix versus "reality" and red pill versus blue pill. Are these just waring factions like Democrats versus Republicans? Is the Black pill the Libertarian? Was Jerry Springer weird or has it become the norm? Was Idiocracy a warning to us all? Are we in a population decline or are our current gender wars all in our imagination?

Episode 0011: Why are all the girls in Japan thin?

American views towards entitlement, food, diet, exercise. Is it hard to lose weight, or are we just addicted to instant gratification? Why is someone earning $40k per year paying $30 to have Door Dash bring them a sandwich?

Episode 0012: Are passport "Bros" a thing?

Passport bro's concept - and are they really "Bro's" or are they older men? What percent of people are doing this? Why don't women want to do this? Do foreign women adopt the American ways after a while anyway?

Episode 0013: What is Luck?


Episode 0014: Walking or Stalking?

Given the massive footprint of material we hope to cover, Abe admits that it's hard to decide where to start. He decides to get the juices flowing by telling a tale of a recent random encounter he found himself in while walking the streets of Chicago.